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ThinQ Decisions consists of experienced decision science professionals that have extensive experience in dealing with operational and strategic decisions. Our team has a presence in Scandinavia but supports clients and investment projects globally. In addition to our team, ThinQ also collaborates with other consultant firms globally.

Trygve Botn – Partner, Decision Advisor

Trygve has over 15-years of energy industry experience from Chevron where he held several key roles as a Decision Science Professional Leader, Advisor, and Analyst in Norway, the USA, and Kazakhstan. Trygve has consultant, mentor, and teaching experience from ThinQ and Chevron. He is the Founder of ThinQ Decisions and is a certified Practitioner from the Society of Decision Professionals (SDP). Throughout his career, Trygve has supported a range of capital investment opportunities and worked closely with managers, leaders, and decision review boards on critical strategic and operational investment decisions such as Greenfield developments, Brownfield Asset developments, Commercial and Merger & Acquisition assessments, Value of Information/Real-Option in Investment Analysis, Emerging Energy and Renewables, and Corporate/Business Strategy.

Trygve holds a MSc in Business Administration and International Business from BI Norwegian Business School and Case Western Reserve University, and a BSc in Economics from BI Norwegian Business School.

Reidar B. Bratvold – Partner, Decision Advisor

Reidar is a Professor of Investment and Decision Analysis at the University of Stavanger where he is teaching and supervising graduate students doing research in decision & data analytics including artificial intelligence and machine learning, project valuation, portfolio analysis, real-option valuation, and behavioral challenges in decision-making. Prior to academia, Reidar spent 15-years in the industry in various technical and key management roles such as Vice President, Managing Director, Senior Scientist, and Reservoir Engineer. Reidar has published numerous papers on topics such as decision-making, value of information, application of machine learning, Bayesian evidence learning, stochastic reservoir modeling, fuzzy logic, data assimilation, and reservoir management. Reidar has also served as the executive editor of the SPE Economics & Management journal.

Reidar holds a Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering and an MSc in Mathematics, both from Stanford University and has Business and Management education from INSEAD and Standford University.

Brian H. Putt – Decision Advisor

Brian is currently on the Board of Directors for SDP, acting Chair of the SDP-San Francisco Bay Area chapter and sits on the SDP certification committee. He is a Fellow in the Society of Decision Professionals. He also donates time to the non-profit Probability Management that promotes the “Arithmetic of Uncertainty” and is the Technology and Applications Chair for Probability Management. Brian consults on Decision Quality using uncertainty analysis and maintains a YouTube Channel that includes many videos about applications of decision analysis using Excel and SIPmath. Brian worked multiple decades with Chevron performing project economic analysis in the petroleum industry, mostly upstream. 

Brian holds a BA in Economics from Claremont McKenna College, BS in General Engineering Stanford University, and a MS in Operations Research from Stanford University.

Javier Del Buono – Decision Advisor

Javier has over 25 years of experience in Business and Finance. He is a business consulting professional based in Madrid, Spain. Prior to his current role, Javier worked for Chevron where he held several positions as Decision Analysis Advisor in the US, Argentina and Angola. He has Decision Science experience as practitioner, teacher and mentor. He has evaluated and advised managers on multiple investment and divestment opportunities around the world such as offshore exploration and development projects, conventional and unconventional oil and gas developments, new ventures projects, international bid round evaluations, value of information assessments, business plan processes and consolidation activities, procurement to pay process optimization and business strategy. Before joining Chevron, Javier worked for Ticketmaster Argentina and Ticketmaster Australia in the Accounting and Finance departments. 

Javier holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from Universidad Católica Argentina, is a Certified Public Accountant and a Bachelor in Business Administration from Universidad Católica Argentina.



ThinQ Decisions is a consultancy firm specializing in decision-making where we support the process from idea or problem to execution. Consultants working for ThinQ are certified by the Society of Decision Professionals. We have the capabilities to steer and conduct the critical elements of decision-making: framing a problem or opportunity, perform due diligence of data and information including expert interviewing and de-biasing assessments, design and perform probabilistic analytics that best answer the opportunity questions or concerns, and further facilitate the selection of choice(s).

ThinQ Decisions’ focus is to give companies and organizations the means to perform quality decision-making when faced with uncertainties and risks. With broad experience in applying Decision Science to solve complex problems in the energy industry, we utilize its strengths to add value to other industries and businesses. We measure the quality of decisions so decision-makers understand the impact of the decision. Developing a solid understanding of a problem or opportunity is critical before entering a quantitative analysis. Hence our focus is just as much on structuring opportunities as it is on the analytical side. The framework we use is flexible yet structured and comprehensive enough to support various complex problems for different businesses. It is also sufficiently dynamic to work with agile or waterfall project management approaches.

As a business model, ThinQ Decisions is a network consultancy firm that scales the resources based on assignment needs and characteristics. We utilize partners or individuals from our global network of highly Qualified Decision Professionals to bring you the best support.



Syncopation – DPL

Syncopation Software develops and supports the DPL family of software products which offer companies a robust set of decision and risk analytic tools that enhance decision quality and the value of investments. ThinQ uses DPL within our analytics and training courses. Visit Syncopation’s website to request a free trial license of DPL: https://www.syncopation.com/

IT Matter

ThinQ collaborates with IT Matter to frame and scope opportunities as well as providing decision-making support for IT investments. IT Matter is a cloud computing company with technology-independent philosophy that provides unique competency in IT architecture and BI solutions. https://itmatter.no/

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